Round wheat roll with the traditional Kaiser roll look. With a particular fine taste. Fluffy inside, crusty outside.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, yeast, vegetable oil, salt, thickening agent (guar flour), wheat malt flour, emulsifier (E472e, soya lecithin), dextrose, rye meal, wheat gluten, whey product.

contain on average:
Calorific value:        1141 kj / 269 kcal
Average nutritive values per piece
  per 100g: 70g:
energy value 1032 kJ / 244 kcal 722 kJ / 171 kcal
fat 1.5 g 1.05 g
of which saturated 0.2 g 0.14 g
carbohydrates 48 g 33.6 g
of which sugars 3 g 2.1 g
protein 8 g 5.6 g
salt 1.5 g 1.05 g